[MS IGNITE] – Roadmaps Officielles Powerapps & Flow

(republished version)
Si vous cherchez les roadmaps  PowerApps & Flow annoncées à Ignite, elles sont ici :



H2 Calendar 2017

  • Tenant-wide admin resource managementm app usage analytics, and package export/import across environments
  • Create and use embedded PowerApps as custom list forms in SharePoint Online
  • Utilize attachments, multi-select fields, and images in your SharePoint Online driven PowerApps
  • Easily embed PowerApps in SharePoint Online pages with web parts and within Power BI reports
  • Use the Rules explorer for easier expression authoring
  • Easily connect to Azure App Services & APIM


Calendar 2018

  • Support for GDPR compliance
  • Government cloud deployment
  • Enhanced application lifecycle management with sandbox environments + ability to move & copy across environments
  • Use service-side business logic for validation rules and easy defaulting
  • Create model-driven apps
  • SQL – Support for stored procs and views



H2 Calendar 2017

  • Export/import Flows accross environments
  • Usage analytics for Flow
  • Flow activity included in Office 365 audit logs
  • UK deployment
  • “In the box” review Flows for SharePoint Online
  • Use Flow for Content Publishing approvals for SharePoint Online Publishing sites
  • Utilize people, choice, attachment and multi-values in your Flows for SharePoint Online
  • In-context Flow support in Dynamics 265, OneDrive and Teams

Calendar 2018

  • Government cloud deployment
  • ALM – Sandbox environments
  • ALM – Move or copy across environments
  • Support for GDPR compliance
  • Use a HTML rich text editor to build emails
  • Guides for debugging actions and conditions
  • Leverage device signals (e.g. Location) with Flows on mobile devices
  • Include Flows in AppSource
  • Azure functions integration


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